Press Releases

press 2018/12/20
Notice Concerning Interest-Rate Swap Agreement
press 2018/12/19
(Correction) 25th Fiscal Period Financial Report
press 2018/12/19
Notice Concerning Refinancing of Loans
press 2018/11/15
Notice concerning Relocation of Head Offices of Investment Corporation
press 2018/10/19
Notice Concerning Seismic Isolation and Vibration Control Oil Dampers made by KYB Corporation and Kayaba System Machinery Co., Ltd. (Not Applicable)
press 2018/09/20
Notice Concerning GRESB Real Estate Assessment Results
press 2018/09/20
Notice Concerning Management System of New Merged Company Associated with Merger of Asset Manager
press 2018/08/27
Notice Concerning Conclusion of Merger Agreement of Mi-Casa Asset Management Inc. (Asset Manager)
press 2018/06/28
Notice Concerning Decision by Daiwa Securities Group Inc. on Demand for Share Cash-Out to Shareholders of Asset Manager and Approval of Said Demand fo
press 2018/06/28
Notice Concerning Execution of Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Merger of Mi-Casa Asset Management Inc.(Asset Manager)
press 2018/06/20
Notice Concerning Borrowing of Funds (Interest Rates)
press 2018/06/20
Notice Concerning Interest-Rate Swap Agreements
press 2018/05/29
Notice Concerning Resolutions of the 12th General Meeting of Unitholders
press 2018/05/15
We updated Financial Report.
press 2018/04/23
(Correction) 23rd Fiscal Period Financial Report and Semi-Annual Report
press 2018/04/20
Notice Concerning Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation and Appointment of Directors
press 2018/04/02
Notice Concerning Change in Personnel at Asset Management Company
press 2018/03/30
Notice Concerning Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification
press 2018/03/20
Notice Concerning Interest-Rate Swap Agreement
press 2018/03/19
Notice Concerning Refinancing of Loans
press 2018/03/19
Notice Concerning Submission of Shelf Registration Statement of Corporate Bonds
press 2018/01/30
Notice Concerning Completion of Asset Disposition
press 2018/01/11
Notice Concerning Disposition of Asset
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